Saturday, 27 October 2007

still here

have finished my groovy socks, and am now making a pair of the baltic socks
they are so pretty, and while I love the pattern, I just cant "get into them" if that makes sense. I have made 1 full sock and 3 repeats on the 2nd sock and just dont want to look at them again lol, maybe its because I know they arent for me.

Pregnancy- sux, so totally over it. I have managed to get to 36 weeks so bub can be born without any premmie dramas, buuuut...... he hasnt grown for a month, he is the size of a 32 week feotus :( On one hand I want him to stay put to grow, but then my body hasnt done such a good job of that this time around so would like him born to be fed and hopefully fatten up that way. #5 bub had the same problem, she was 4 pound 9 when she was born, and it was hard trying to dress her! at least it doesnt matter so much if girls dresses are too big, what the hell do u dress a boy in when they are that small? My obstetrition thinks this baby may be smaller than #5...that makes one tiny scrap of baby! Especially after seeing my 4kg newborn nephew!!!

I really should get the damn camera organised to get some not this week sorry

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

oops I've been MIA

First up, pregnancy....
Things were going well, Smidge was growing and doing everything he was meant to be when he was meant to be, until....
31 weeks...what a damn hard week! I lost my "show" ( yeah sorry TMI ) and then I noticed at night as I was dropping off to sleep and while I was asleep ( was waking me up) that my body is trying to push this baby out already! Smidge has been 4/5ths engaged since then and Dr thinks I will be delivering early :S I am now on bed rest....try that with 6 kids around and a man that thinks being out of the house or on the computer is helping me!!
Bed rest sux......

On the knitting front......
have made so many baby things that I really cant remember what! I have now moved on to socks....I looove hand knit socks....
I am on my 2nd pair now ( not counting the dozen or so baby/kids pairs ) I am making groovy socks
They are so easy, pretty mindless knitting really lol. I am making them in trekking yarn in bright lolly coloured stripes about 1/2" (?) wide, because of the pattern used they come out in these cool ( groovy) waves as I knit, looks much better than witchypoo stripes lol. After I finish these I have to try and decide which pattern to use for the oh so pretty Katsara yarn I bought...I only have about 6 million patterns to go thru to choose from too....oh dear :S Apparently it knits up in "zigzaggy stripes" in "pale shades of lilac,yellow,blossom-pink, mint and lime-ade" it really is a gorgeous colourway but its not on her website ( I bought it from ebay)
I will be borrowing a camera from my Parents later today so I will try get a pretty pic for you all. and maybe a few of wip's and fo's .