Sunday, 12 August 2007

a bit of a catchup...

and I still need to get a new camera to get some piccies.

Pregnancy is progressing well....everything is normal, only gained 2 kg so far :)
Had the comment yesterday that I was carrying very big and am I sure there is only 1 bub....well I must say I SURE HOPE SO!!! Admittedly she thought I was having #1 bub...not #7 lol

On the knitting front... I have finished a pair of medium longies in great bright funky colours in a yarn I bought from ebay USA about 3 years ago lol, then I made a few plain warm heart woolies trim soakers in small, and a cute pair of small longies in "Shaun sheep" yarn I got at big w a while back...its a single ply thiiick yummy soft yarn that goes from a choc brown down to a light tan and back to choc brown....very yummy!

On the needles now is a pair of small longies in a yarn I got from China...not sure I like it...its natural(cream) with small runs of a charcoal colour...looks great skeined up but is knitting up a bit like dalmation spots...not really my style :)

I laybyed a new sewing machine yesterday.... a janome 300E. Its an embroidery machine, so now I can sew with my other machine (janome memorycraft 5700) yeah I know it does embroidery also but now I can embroider while I sew everything up instead of waiting for the emb. to stop before I can I seem to have a real collection of machines happening here....I have 2 overlockers, an older "normal" machine my janome and another one on the way :) I gave my 15 yr old one of the overlockers and the older flat bed she has her machines when she wants to sew :)

Well thats about all I can think of til next time...or until I get a camera :)