Saturday, 27 October 2007

still here

have finished my groovy socks, and am now making a pair of the baltic socks
they are so pretty, and while I love the pattern, I just cant "get into them" if that makes sense. I have made 1 full sock and 3 repeats on the 2nd sock and just dont want to look at them again lol, maybe its because I know they arent for me.

Pregnancy- sux, so totally over it. I have managed to get to 36 weeks so bub can be born without any premmie dramas, buuuut...... he hasnt grown for a month, he is the size of a 32 week feotus :( On one hand I want him to stay put to grow, but then my body hasnt done such a good job of that this time around so would like him born to be fed and hopefully fatten up that way. #5 bub had the same problem, she was 4 pound 9 when she was born, and it was hard trying to dress her! at least it doesnt matter so much if girls dresses are too big, what the hell do u dress a boy in when they are that small? My obstetrition thinks this baby may be smaller than #5...that makes one tiny scrap of baby! Especially after seeing my 4kg newborn nephew!!!

I really should get the damn camera organised to get some not this week sorry

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